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Are your candles Poison?

Aktualisiert: 25. Mai 2020

I get asked the question all the time "are soy wax candles better, safer, healthier as other candles?". This is such a loaded question. I am sure if I walked into my parents house I would find candles in the basement that have been there for ...way too long. Why does age matter? Well it doesn't unless they are older than 1974. 1974 is the year National Candle Association banned lead wicks. Lead was used to keep the wick straight when you pour your wax. The "healthy" alternative is wooden wicks or cotton wicks. But is it really healthy? Maybe healthier in my opinion. It is still a material being burned in normally a closed environment.

What I have learned about candles over the last year is wax and all the different types. Other companies write on the outside of the candle is really only text. For example, I purchased a Bees Wax candle from the Christmas market. I was surprised by the price being only 4.50€. I go home and place it in a larger glass container. The candle burned way too fast to be bees wax and the amount of soot it produced made me turn to google. What I found out is here in Germany, as long as you have 51% of whatever wax you are trying to sell, that is what you can call your candles. So 51% bees wax and the other 49% could be anything else. But who controls this? No candle police that I know of. I find this unethical and puts a bad name on bees wax candles. A pure bees wax candle is hard and burns super slow. That is why the are normally 3x the price of normal candles.

What I have read is Soy wax produces up to 90% less soot. I am always careful using numbers because I am not the one doing the testing. We all have to be careful what information we consume today and from what source. That is why I am trying to stay neutral. I do believe that a plant based source wax is an a winner. The wax can be grown and harvested from the soy plant. It is not a bi product of large oil companies.

My goal is to produce the best candle possible. I am still on my journey but I feel really good about my product that I have created.

I am new at candle making so I am learning in the process. I live in Germany and the rules are different here as compared to other countries. Feel free to contact me and share information. Have a great day.

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